ASEAN SDGs Frontrunner Cities Programme (SDGs-FC)

The ASEAN SDGs Frontrunner Cities Programme (SDGs-FC) is an initiative under the ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable Cities (AWGESC) funded by the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF). It aims to support ASEAN cities to achieve inclusive, sustainable, resilient and dynamic development in line with ASEAN Vision 2025. The Programme strategically builds on the ASEAN ESC Model Cities Programme (2011-2017), which had supported and recognised over 50 frontrunner cities in their innovative practices/policies in bottom-up environmental management. The SDGs-FC is aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and will support the planning and implementation of multi-benefit model projects. Through this process, it will help to develop the capacity of ‘next generation’ cities and enable sharing experiences and knowledge generated from the Programme among ASEAN member states to promote scaling up and replication of good policies/practices towards clean and green ASEAN.

SDGs-FC Phase 1 (SDGs-FC 1) was implemented during 2018-2020, and was subsequently approved for an extension to Phase 2 (SDGs-FC 2) for implementation during September 2022-August 2024.

This page provides an overview of the SDGs-FC projects and events. Explore and find more about latest developments by accessing from below.

Gallery & Videos

Regional Showcase, ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 1

Inception Workshop in Japan, ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 1

Udon Thani, ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 1

Malang, ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 1

San Carlos, ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 1

Banjarmasin, ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 1

Phuket, ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 1

Shah Alam, ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 1

Luang Prabang, ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 1

Hai Phong, ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 1


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Past Event
Project Activity

Training and Capacity Building for Community Working Groups on Disaster Management in Prik Sub-district, Songkhla Province of Thailand

On 20 November 2023, Prik Municipality organised training for working groups on disaster management for all 7 communities. The training was conducted in collaboration with the Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center (Songkhla) using...
Past Event
ASEAN SDGs-Frontrunner Cities Programme Phase 2

Upcycling Workshop in Redang Island, Malaysia

On 16 September 2023, approximately 40 residents of the Kampung Baru village community in Malaysia’s Redang Island joined a half-day workshop to learn new skills for upcycling discarded plastic, with support and funding from the ASEAN SDGS...
Past Event
Project Activity

Training on Disaster Management for Communities, Volunteers, and Disaster Management Network, in Prik Sub-district, Songkhla Province of Thailand

Under the ASEAN SDGs-Frontrunner Cities Programme Phase 2 (ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 2), Prik Sub-district Municipality (Prik Municipality) organised training for community leaders, disaster mitigation volunteers, civil defence volunteers, and other key...