Project Completion Report of the ASEAN SDGs Frontrunner Cities Programme

Commissioned Report
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Through the SDGs-FC, stakeholders in more than 24 ASEAN cities increased their awareness and knowledge of the SDGs, from ~20% (baseline) to > 80% on average. With 27 goals, 169 targets and over 200 unique indicators, the SDGs is a highly complicated and challenging framework for sub-national frontline officials, especially where tertiary education qualification is not the norm. Without an external trigger, it is exceedingly rare and uncommon for this target group of beneficiaries to independently study the SDGs.

The SDGs served as comprehensive analytical framework for city officials to recognise interlinkages between sectors and as a ‘checklist’ to identify gaps in knowledge so that they may conduct further self-study on important emerging issues. They also helped to identify any aspects of ‘well-being’ or ‘development progress’ which differ from, or are less visible in the domestic discourse and culture. 

Pilot projects linked to the SDGs implemented under this project have resulted in a wide range of immediate and mid-/long-term environmental quality improvements, as well as ‘spillover’ socio-economic co-benefits. These projects are documented in 7 country SDGs Report, 23 City Priority SDGs Reports / Model City Activity Reports, 1 Regional SDGs & Cities Report and highlighted in City/Regional Showcase videos.