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A programmatic approach towards 1.5°C lifestyles can creat Cities of all sizes can introduce voluntary guidelines on 1.5°C Lifestyles to their citizens. This promotes sustainable living, strengthens relationships within communities, and can HELP to achieve the NET-ZERO targets.

1.5°C Lifestyles have many co-benefits. Practicing low carbon mobility options improves air quality, and reduces pollution. Sustainable leisure and food can boost local economies through tourism and the promotion of local products. Workshops and social media groups also increase the sense of community among citizens.

A programmatic approach towards 1.5°C lifestyles can create awareness among citizens to reduce their carbon footprints and accelerate cities to achieve carbon neutrality.

Read details about the 1.5°C Lifestyles demonstration projects in Kyoto, Yokohama, New Delhi, Nonthaburi, Sao Paulo and Cape Town and the 1.5°C Lifestyles in Cities policy brief.

Experts from IGES can work with your city to develop the 1.5°CLifestyles tailored to your city!
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