International Workshop

How Can Asia Manage Air Pollution and Climate Change?
From Understanding Impacts to Implementing Solutions

In 2018, a high-profile United Nations report on the multiple benefits of clean air identified 25 solutions that could improve the health and well-being in Asia while mitigating climate change and achieving other development priorities. At the same, there have been several important advances in research on similar themes in Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, and many other countries in Asia. Research on the multiple benefits of managing air pollution and climate change could presumably inform policy for years to come. There nonetheless remains significant gaps between research that focuses on understanding air pollution and climate change impacts and experiences with implementing solutions to these air pollution and climate change problems. This workshop will bring together an internationally recognized set of experts from Japan, China, Korea and Europe is to discuss how Asia can close the gap between understanding impacts and implementing solutions.

Date & Time 19 February 2019 13:30-17:30 (Registration: 13:00-)
Venue TKP Shimbashi Conference Center
Hall 2A (2nd Floor), 1−15−1 Nishishinbashi, Minato, Tokyo, 105-0003  »access
Organisers Ministry of the Environment
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Collaborator International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Language English/Japanese with simultaneous translation
Capacity 150 (First come, first served)
Fee Free of charge
Registration Registration is now closed.

We encourage participants at our events to go paperless to reduce environmental impact. Materials for this workshop will be uploaded onto the website. Presentations will be projected on screen at the venue on the day of the event, and there will be no printed materials available. Please save the above materials to your own laptop computers / tablets etc. , or print out the materials and bring them with you.

We recommend that you provide your own access environment to connect to the above website from the venue in order to browse the posted materials.

Download All  (zip 17.2MB) Agenda
13:00 Registration
13:30 Welcoming Remarks
13:35 Opening Address
  • Dechen Tsering (Regional Director and Representative for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP))
13:45 Session 1: Understanding Impacts
  • Feng Xiangzhao (Deputy Director, Climate Change Policy Research Department, Policy Research Center for Economy and Environment (PRCEE))
  • Eric Zusman (Research Leader, Sustainability Governance Centre, IGES)
    Framing Presentation

    PDF  (1.5MB)

  • Kentaroh Suzuki (Associate Professor, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)

    PDF  (1.5MB)

  • Hooman Farazeh (Associate Professor, Platform of Inter/Transdisciplinary Energy Research, Kyushu University)

    PDF  (3.0MB)

  • Ken Yamashita (Department Head, Planning and Training Department, Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP))

    PDF  (2.6MB)

  • Zig Klimont (Senior Scholar, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases, IIASA)

    PDF  (1.7MB)

15:05 Keynote Address
  • Markus Amann (Program Director, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases, IIASA)

    PDF  (1.2MB)

15:30 Break
15:40 Session 2: Implementing Solutions
  • Satoshi Kojima (Principal Coordinator, Strategic Management Office, IGES)
  • Li Liping (Division Director, Policy Research Center for Economy and Environment (PRCEE))

    PDF  (835KB)

  • Yeora Chae (Chief Research Associate, Climate Change and Atmosphere Research, Korean Environmental Institute (KEI))

    PDF  (2.2MB)

  • Minako Kawai (Section Chief, International Cooperation Office, Environmental Management Bureau, Ministry of the Environment)

    PDF  (1.7MB)

  • So-Young Lee (Research Manager, Sustainability Governance Centre, IGES)

    PDF  (2.6MB)

17:10 Concluding Panel with Chairs from the Two Sessions, IIASA, and MOEJ
  • Katsunori Suzuki (IGES Senior Fellow)
17:30 Closing remarks

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