ACP/IIASA Joint International Workshop

Implementing Solutions to Air Pollution and Climate Change in Asia: Building Capacities, Strengthening Policies, and Financing Technologies

7 November 2019, 13:30-18:00 (13:00- Registration)

Approximately 4 billion people, around 92 percent of the population in Asia and the Pacific, are exposed to levels of air pollution that pose a significant risk to their health. Though developed countries like Japan have made visible progress managing air pollution, much of the region still suffers from the problem. Further, as many governments and researchers across Asia and the Pacific recognize the costs of air pollution, they are becoming more aware of the links between air quality and climate change, and the multiple benefits from simultaneously addressing these often-related issues.

This integrated or co-benefits approach is consistent with a UNEP report, "Air Pollution in Asia and the Pacific: Science-Based Solutions" (Solutions Report) published in January 2019. The Solutions Report identifies 25 clean air measures that would positively impact human health, crop yield, climate change, and socioeconomic development, and contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Researchers took a critical step forward to identify these 25 solutions, but there is considerable work that needs to be done to implement them. This workshop will bring together experts from across Asia (and beyond) to identify the kinds of capacities, policies, and technologies that can bring about solutions to air pollution and climate change in Asia. The workshop has three objectives:

1) Identify how to fill the capacity building needs of policymakers and businesses to implement co-benefit solutions in Asia, 2) Discuss how researchers and policymakers can work together to enhance the design and implementation of policies that deliver co-benefits in Asia, and 3) Discuss how public and private finance can mainstream/accelerate co-benefit technologies and other non-technical solutions in Asia

Event Details

7 November 2019, 13:30-18:00 (13:00- Registration)

TKP Shimbashi Conference Center
Hall 14E (14th Floor), 1−3-1, Uchisaiwaichō, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0011

Japanese / English
(Simultaneous interpretation)
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ACP Secretariat, 
Secretariat of the Japan Committee for IIASA

(Institute for Global Environmental Strategies)
Yamashita, Yano
Email: [email protected]

Presentation Materials

13:00-13:30 Registration
13:30-13:40 Welcome remarks
13:40-14:50 Building capacities for co-benefits solutions
Moderator /
Framing Presentation
Eric Zusman, Research Leader, Sustainability Governance Centre, IGE PDF (1.4MB)
Speakers Kaye Patdu, Associate Programme Officer – Asia Pacific Clean Air Partnership (APCAP), Asia Pacific Office, UN Environment Programme  
Arnico Kumar Panday, Regional Programme Manager, Atmosphere Programme,International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)  
Bjarne Pederson, Executive Director, Clean Air Asia (CAA)  
Adelaida Bonquin Roman, Senior Programme Specialist, Air and Atmospheric Pollution Cluster, Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific, Asian Institute of Technology (RRCAP, AIT)  
14:50-16:40 Assessing and analyzing policies that can deliver co-benefits
Moderator Satoshi Kojima, Principal Coordinator, Strategic Management Office, IGES  
Speakers Yeora Chae, Senior research associate, Climate change and energy, Korea Environment Institute (KEI) PDF (1.2MB)
Noor Rachmaniah, Deputy Director for Domestic Water Pollution Control, Directorate for Water Pollution Control, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia
Eric Zusman, Research Leader, Sustainability Governance Centre, IGES
PDF (1.7MB)
Ananda Tsog, Climate Change Officer, Climate Change and International Cooperation, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Mongolia
Hooman Farzaneh, Associate Professor, Platform of Inter/Transdisciplinary Energy Research, Kyushu University
PDF (2.0MB)
Ittipol Pawarmart, Head of Automotive Emission Laboratory, Air Quality and Noise Management Bureau, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand PDF (1.0MB)
Markus Amann, Program Director, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Supat Wongwangwatana, Senior Expert, Faculty of Public Health,Thammasat University
PDF (1.8MB)
16:40-16:50 Coffee Break
16:50-17:50 Panel Discussion:
Enabling and financing the transfer of co-benefits solutions
Moderator Takashi Ohmura, Senior Fellow, IGES  
Speakers Temuulen Murun, Policy Researcher, Climate and Energy, IGES PDF (370KB)
Aditi Khodke, Policy Researcher, Kansai Research Center, IGES PDF (274KB)
Virender Duggal, Asian Development Bank (ADB)  
Naoki Matsuo, Principal Policy Researcher, Strategic Management Office, IGES / CEO, Climate Experts, Ltd PDF (195KB)
17:50-18:00 Closing remarks    

*The programme and presenters are subject to change without notice.