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Conference Proceeding
Conference Summary International Conference on Adaptation and Loss and Damage: Integrating Scientific Aspects 30-31st August 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

The international community has progressively reached at a consensus that there will be residual impacts associated with climate change despite implementing adaptation and greenhouse gas mitigation and that there is a need to address these impacts in research and development efforts. Recognizing the importance of loss and damage, the COP18 that met...


特別報告:アジア太平洋地域適応ネットワーク(APAN)の 活動と適応フォーラム2012の報告

Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.7 No.1

Governments are increasingly involving local communities and non-governmental organizations in the management of natural resources. The ways in which different stakeholders are involved varies from being consulted to taking a central role in planning and monitoring, andinfrequentlybeing given the legal right to manage resources. There can be many...

Book Chapter

State of the Environment in Asia and the pacific 2005: Economic Growth and Sustainability

Discussion Paper

The Impacts of Introducing Eco-labelling to Asia: Opportunities and Challenges in Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture


Paper prepared for the International Conference on Greening of Agro-Industries and Networks in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities, Bang

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