Groundwater quality in coastal Oriental Mindoro: Results from 35 well samples

Key point Analyzed several water quality parameters (pH, electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), Chloride (Cl), and temperature) based on 35 well samples collected by local government staff in Oriental Mindoro Province of the Philippines. Cl- concentration was calculated using salinity values based on Equation: Sal (ppt) = 0.00180665 Cl (mg/L) (Effler et al., 1986) 26% of water samples exhibited higher values EC values than WHO limits (WHO, 2011), implying that consuming the water for long periods of time may pose a serious threat to human health. Number of water samples exceeding WHO limits was (from most to least): EC > pH = Cl > TDS > Salinity.
Damasa B.
John Vincent