makutés anuwat samrab bangkoeun bror'sethak'pheap loeu kar'ngea krobkrorng samnorl sareyreang - kunsambath kolkar katbanthoiy broeubras loeungvinh ke`chney loeu karngea tobskat bamre`bamruol akastheat nov brortés kampong aphiwat knong damban asia

Policy Report

In this policy report the authors have compiled and analysed the most recent data on waste generation and the national policies related with waste management and climate change in ten countries in Asia. The study found that many countries in the region are now paying more attention to solid waste management from the perspective of climate change. Some countries are seeking to improve their waste management by employing the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) as a climate change mitigation measure.

While the national 3R policies are encouraging, implementation remains problematic. The authors have sought to deliver feasible solutions to promote the 3R practices for organic waste management. The report assesses examples of both successes and failures in the application of the 3R practices and extracts lessons for local governments and others attempting to implement the 3Rs. In addition, hierarchies for organic waste treatment technology are developed to help local governments and policymakers select the options best suited to local conditions, using a multi-criteria approach and reflecting resource efficiency concerns.