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Discussion Paper
APEIS/RISPO Good Practices Inventory database

Strategy: Development of environmentally sustainable transport systems in urban areas
Environmental areas: Climate change, Air pollution, Urban environment
Critical instruments: Design, planning and management, Economic instruments, Organisational arrangements, Technologies
Participants: city government; research and urban planning institute (IPPUC)...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Forest Research

This paper examines local residents attitudes towards conservation and Gunung Halimun National Park, in West Java, Indonesia. A questionnaire survey and informal interviews are conducted among 74 households, in three villages, in and around the park. The survey reveals that almost all people knew about the existence and the laws of the park. Many...

Discussion Paper

The Asia-Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED) was established with approval of the 10th Environment Congress for Asia and the acific (ECO ASIA 2001) in October 2001 to address critical issues facing Asia and the Pacific region and to propose a model of equitable and sustainable development for the region. Twenty-six members of the...

Discussion Paper

The nations in Asia and the Pacific region share many of the same global environmental challenges. At the same time, they face a number of specific problems related to the environmental, demographic, economic, and social diversity of the region. With regard to the major environmental and developmental challenges facing the region, a wealth of...

Policy Report

2001 年11 月,国際社会はマラケシュ会議(COP 7) において,京都レジームのルール策定に成功しました.これは国際制度はルール策定ステージから新たに実施ステージに移行したということにほかなりません.これに呼応する形で,2002 年6 月4 日,日本政府はついに京都議定書締結(批准) のための公式文書(受諾書) を,国連事務総長に寄託しました.7 月15 日時点で,議定書署名(調印) 国は111 か国,そのうち批准国は75 か国(Annex I: 23 か国,非Annex I: 52 か国),Annex I 国の1990 年CO2 排出量比で6.0%がすでに批准を行っている状況です.