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  1. 最新国際動向

    • ・SDGs 指標に関する専門家会合に向けてIGES もインプット

    • 【アジア】
    • ・UNESCAP 主催、SDGs Week に参加(11 月28 日-12 月2 日、バンコク)

  2. 政府の取組み
    • ・持続可能な開発目標推進本部円卓会議開催、SDGs 実施指針の検討進む

    • ・SDGs ステークホルダーズ・ミーティング第2 回会合を開催(2016 年12 月20 日、東京)

  3. 政府アクターの取組み
    • ・第 3 回国連人間居住会議(HABITAT III)でニュー・アーバン・アジェンダが採択(2016 年10 月17-20 日、エクアドル・キト)

    • 【企業】
    • ・IGES...
Book Chapter
In 地球白書2013-14


Briefing Note

This briefing note surveys early hints and speculations regarding the Trump Administration’s possible climate policies and personnel appointments, and discusses them in the context of the surrounding domestic political context and institutional decision-making processes. A few areas for cautious optimism are identified and obstacles to the...

Commentary (Op. Ed)


2016 Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) Meeting & 45th North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE) Conference

Effective national level education legislative/policy mandates with sound financial backing and human resource capacity, etc. will go a long way in the education/EE implementation process.This presentation is a 'research update' on an attempt to evaluate the existing national EE Acts in the world aimed to serve as a baseline for improvement and...

Conference Paper
Annual meeting on society of environmental impact assessment

While many Asian countries have introduced EIA systems, there is still room to improve the systems and to strengthen. Ministry of the Environment in Japan hold Ministry of the Environment in Japan hold Ministry of the Environment in Japan hold Ministry of the Environment in Japan hold Ministry of the Environment in Japan hold "Asia EIA Conference...

Briefing Note

The first G20 Summit meeting in China was held in Hangzhou on 4 and 5 September, 2016. This IGES Briefing Note considers the implications of the meeting for climate change, green finance and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as the overall context of holding the meeting in China for the first time. From a sustainability perspective, the...