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In 世界のエコロジー的近代化:理論と事例研究

環境保全と産業発展の両立をめざす「エコロジー的近代化」とは何か。理論の変遷を紹介するとともに、経済発展の段階を織込みながら世界各国の事例を挙げ、その思想の本質に迫る「世界のエコロジー的近代化:理論と事例研究」(原題:Ecological Modernisation Around the World: Perspectives and Critical Debates)に所収された付論。

Issue Brief
  • The economic disruptions from the Ukraine war have intensified short term concerns about energy and food security, as well as access to critical minerals. Climate security is also increasingly urgent. This paper urges governments to speed up, not slow down, transitions away from fossil fuels and toward more sustainable development patterns. The war...
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In Environment, Development and Sustainability

This study’s objective is to examine how ASEAN countries reported their environment-related policies for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs), and a dataset of their environmental policies was developed. This is a necessary first step in analyzing the reasons for insufficient progress on the...

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In Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
H. Chan

This paper examines the effects of financial incentives, particularly electricity prices, on residential solar photovoltaic system installations. We shed light on the importance of a factor that has been largely overlooked in the literature on the adoption behavior of low-carbon building technologies: the distinction between retrofit and new-build...

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T7 Policy Brief: T7 Task Force on Climate and Environment

G7 leaders have already accepted many important concepts related to the environment and sustainability. The G7 agreed to “protect our planet by supporting a green revolution that creates jobs” in 2021 at the Cornwall Summit. However, the challenge is that the G7 has mostly issued general statements of principle rather than committed to concrete...

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In 環境情報科学