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JSPS-ICSSR Seminar on Understanding and Addressing Systemic Risks Behind the Socio-economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Japan and India: Developing a Roadmap for a Resilient and Sustainable Future
The COVID-19 pandemic has reversed decades of progress in many developmental areas and aggravated the already-existing gaps in implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Measures by countries to recover from the crisis have been varied. These measures, if designed properly and implemented efficiently, can stimulate progress in many pandemic...
Non Peer-reviewed Article
Pollution caused by the irresponsible disposal of plastics is a significant issue, particularly in developing countries like Sri Lanka. It is estimated that only 9% of all plastics ever produced globally have been recycled. However, not all plastics are equal in this equation, PET, in particular, stands out, given that they are 100% recyclable. Sri...