MoU between the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, to Strengthen Plastic Pollution Prevention in Cities


On 29 October, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (the Alliance) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on developing mutual initiatives to strengthen engagement with cities over the next three years. Under the MoU, both organisations will work in partnership to:

1.    Develop and implement projects in cooperation with cities to stop plastic waste leakage into the environment and advance cities’ movement up the waste management value chain
2.    Share information, learnings and best practices on waste management and circular economy approaches
3.    Disseminate good practices of plastic pollution measures and mobilise actions among multiple stakeholders

IGES President Kazuhiko Takeuchi stated, “Plastics have widely permeated our day-to-day lives, but their improper disposal has had tremendously negative impacts on ecosystems and the environment, becoming a serious societal issue internationally. While the use of plastics in the medical and food sectors has risen during the COVID-19 crisis, I am confident that this partnership will lead to science-based, effective policy recommendations that will allow us to make progress on green recovery and create sustainable cities.”

“With 2.5 billion people projected to live in urban areas by 2050, the reduction of plastic waste leakage in the environment is critical to ensure resilient, sustainable cities,” said Jacob Duer, President and CEO, Alliance to End Plastic Waste. “Both IGES and the Alliance share this common vision and our combined resources and expertise will help accelerate solutions for today’s fast-changing cities.”

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste is an international non-profit organisation partnering with government, environmental and economic development NGOs and communities around the world to address the challenge to end plastic waste in the environment.

IGES has been engaged in many international efforts, such as the G7 and G20, as well as capacity building projects in cities across the Asia Pacific, with the aim of solving plastic waste problems, accelerating the circular economy, and strengthening waste management. Through this collaboration IGES will also work more closely and effectively with the business sector to achieve more sustainable cities.


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