IGES and the US Chamber of Commerce Co-hosted an Online Consultation on the Marine Plastic Litter Issue in Preparation for G20


On 9 July 2020, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and the International Policy Coalition for Sustainable Growth launched by United States Chamber of Commerce (Headquarters: Washington D.C.) co-hosted a virtual consultation entitled, “International Consultation on the Osaka Blue Ocean Vision: Policy and Business Solutions to Ocean Plastic Pollution in Southeast Asia.” This meeting was convened to provide input to G20 processes, with the understanding that private sector participation is indispensable to address marine plastic pollution and design a circular economy.

Focusing on Southeast Asia, where marine plastic pollution from land-based sources is particularly alarming, business representatives, policymakers, and experts from around the world discussed the roles that the private sector can play to contribute to addressing marine plastic pollution, in terms of circular economy and resource efficiency. Participants introduced the successes and lessons of policies that have been implemented in the region, as well as their outlook. Participants reaffirmed their intention to make further progress on realising the Osaka Blue Ocean Vision. They also reviewed public policies needed to support implementation and scaling up of solutions. 

The US Chamber of Commerce, the largest business organisation in the world, has been strengthening international partnerships that lead to the development of consistent policies on sustainable growth, contributing to the G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia in November, as well as the establishment of a medium- to long-term vision to address this issue. The U.S. Chamber serves as the secretariat to the International Policy Coalition on Sustainable Growth. IGES is a knowledge partner to the Coalition. IGES has been actively engaged in raising awareness about marine plastics and circular economy, advocating for conceptualising these areas as major policy issues. Recently, IGES has contributed to international processes such as the 2019 G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth convened in Japan, as well as processes related to Science 20 (S20) and Think 20 (T20). Moreover, with its trusted expertise and experience in waste management in Southeast Asia, IGES has been the implementation agency for UNESCAP’s Closing the Loop project since April this year, offering solutions that use digital data to prevent the leaching of marine plastic waste in four cities (in Viet Nam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia).

IGES will continue to contribute to addressing this issue through strengthening its diverse partnerships both in Japan and internationally.

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