Project Activity

Training and Capacity Building for Community Working Groups on Disaster Management in Prik Sub-district, Songkhla Province of Thailand


On 20 November 2023, Prik Municipality organised training for working groups on disaster management for all 7 communities. The training was conducted in collaboration with the Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center (Songkhla) using the CBDRM framework to increase the knowledge and skills of local participants when it comes to disaster prevention and mitigation, and emergency response.  This activity as part of the ‘Prik Resilient City’ project, a local initiative funded and supported by JAIF and the ASEAN SDGs-FC 2.  

For each community in Prik Sub-district, there is an 8-member working group established to be responsible for disaster preparedness and disaster management.  The members are in charge of different areas of disaster management, including warning and public relations, nursing, accommodation, welfare, evacuation, security, and data and survey.

Prik is prone to climate-related hazards due to its topography and tropical monsoon climate.  As a result, Prik Municipality has established a comprehensive disaster management plan under the Sendai Framework and in line with the SDGs.

ASEAN SDGs-FC Phase 2’s support is expected to contribute to strengthening the capacity of Prik Municipality, local communities and other key stakeholders in disaster preparedness and risk management in order to reduce loss and damage from future floods and other disasters, and the vision of Prik Municipality to become a resilient city.

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Prik Municipality, Prik Sub-district, Songkhla Province, Thailand

Prik Subdistrict Municipality in Thailand
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Regional Center 12 Songkhla Province, Thailand
Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund