The launching event of “Plastic Atlas Asia - Facts and figures about the world of synthetic polymers [Japan Special Edition]”

May 30 2022, 15:00 -17:00 Japan / 14:00 -16:00 Hong Kong

“Plastic Atlas Asia - Facts and figures about the world of synthetic polymers [Japan Special Edition]” will be published in May 2022 by IGES, the Heinrich Böll Foundation Hong Kong and Zero Waste Japan.

In November 2019, the Heinrich Böll Foundation published “Plastic Atlas”, a report that highlighted the business models and social mechanisms behind the serious problem of plastic pollution, with concise and concrete descriptions as well as rich infographics. Together with IGES and the Break Free from Plastic (BFFP) alliance, the Heinrich Bell Foundation released the Asian edition in 2021 to focus on the challenges and solutions in a region with intense plastic use and pollution, also highlighting COVID-19’s impacts on plastic waste. 

The Japan Special Edition consists of the Japanese translation of the Asian edition along with three new chapters that reveal the current status of plastic waste management in Japan, national government measures, business challenges and initiatives, and responses at the municipal level.

This launching event of the Japan Special Edition will give an overview of plastic pollution in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in Japan, and share challenges and opportunities to addressing this issue. Researchers, practitioners and policymakers working in the field of plastic waste management are invited to present and discuss plastic pollution in Japan and the approaches taken by the central and local governments, businesses, and citizens. 

These presentations will be followed by an engaging and constructive discussion between the panelists and participants.

This online event will be held on 30 May designated as 'Zero Waste Day' in Japan, which is a combination of the Japanese words go (5), mi (3) (spelling out gomi, or waste in Japanese) and zero (0). The event will be held as part of several activities on the day to promote awareness on and actions to tackle plastic waste.


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May 30 2022, 15:00 -17:00 Japan / 14:00 -16:00 Hong Kong


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