Greening Health Care Waste Management: Policies and Good Practices

March 16, 18:15–19:45 (JST)
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The provision of sustainable health care waste management (HCWM) has been receiving increasing global attention. Due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission, there has been a growing need for proper medical waste management worldwide, particularly in developing countries where proper HCWM is not in place. Recent studies also show that the health care sector’s climate footprint is equivalent to 4.4% of global net emissions (Health Care Without Harm and ARUP, 2019). To date, a lack of infrastructure, inadequate budgets, absence of supportive policy and regulation, and capacity gaps make it difficult to achieve environmentally sound HCWM, underscoring the urgency of realizing sustainable and inclusive HCWM systems and green infrastructure (UNEP and IGES, 2020 and 2022). Therefore, safe and sustainable (especially from climate perspective) medical waste management should be implemented urgently. Recently, a group of 50 countries at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow made a new commitment to take concrete steps towards creating green, climate-resilient and low-carbon health systems in response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement. 

This special session invited several researchers, practitioners and business entrepreneurs in the field of HCWM to present and discuss policies and good practices for greening health infrastructure, based on their recent research and work. This was followed by an engaging and constructive discussion between the panelists and participants. 


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March 16, 18:15–19:45 (JST)


United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Health Care without Harm
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Moderator: Dr. Premakumara Jagath Dickella Gamaralalage, Director, IGES-CCET, Japan

18:15-18:25 Opening Remarks Greening Health Care System and its Contribution to the Global Climate Crisis and Opportunities for Action
Ms. Ruth Stringer, International Science and Policy Coordinator, Health Care without Harm
18:25-19:25 Presentations Greening Health Infrastructure: Rapid Assessment of Policies and Practices on Health Care Waste Management in Ethiopia and Kenya
Speaker: Mr. Chengchen Qian, UNEP, Geneva
Commentator: Mr. Evans Kituyi, An Independent consultant, Kenya
Health Care Waste Management towards the Circular Economy: A Case Study at Tribhvan University Teaching Hospital in Nepal
Speaker: Mr. Mahesh Nakarmi, Executive Director, HECAF360, Nepal
Commentator: Ms. Miho Hayashi, Programme Manager, IGES-CCET, Japan
Pilot experiment in introducing non-burnable technologies to handle health care waste in Mandaue City, Philippines.
Speaker: Mr. Takeshi Konishi, Senior Managing Director, GUUN Co., Ltd., Japan
Commentator: Ms. Misato Delley, Associate Expert, UNEP-IETC, Japan
Law Enforcement on Illegal Dumping and Illegal Treatment of Medical Waste in Japan
Speaker: Ms. Miwa Tatsuno, Programme Coordinator, IGES-CCET, Japan
Commentator: Prof. Hiroki Hashizume, Tama University, Japan
19:25-19:45 Q&A and Closing Remarks

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