6th Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development Side Event

Promoting Enabling Environment for Inclusiveness by Localizing SDGs


The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) organised an official side event on 28 March 2019 titled “Promoting Enabling Environment for Inclusiveness by Localizing SDGs,” together with the Government of Japan (Ministry of the Environment and Cabinet Office), Government of Indonesia (Indonesian Ministry of National Development and Planning), Government of the Philippines (National Economic and Development Authority), and United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG-ASPAC).

With Junichi Fujino (Programme Director at IGES) as moderator, Japan, Indonesia, and Philippines shared their efforts on implementing SDGs at the local level, and the mayor of Naga, Philippines, the mayor of Banda Ache, Indonesia, and the deputy mayor of Kitakyushu, Japan, presented their model cases on localizing the SDGs. With these inputs, participants discussed how to improve inclusivity. Moreover, the President of IGES, Prof. Kazuhiko Takeuchi, presented the concept and cases of the “Circulating and Ecological Economy” as a key to localizing the SDGs, and which was also mentioned in the 5th Basic Environment Plan, adopted by the Cabinet of Japan.

At the end of the side event, Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) and its first online information hub in the world, the “VLR Lab” (https://www.iges.or.jp/en/press/20190325.html), were introduced by Yatsuka Kataoka, Joint Programme Director at IGES, as a way to assist sustainable development at the local level. It was launched during the side event with a signing ceremony for the Letter of Cooperation between Dr. Takeuchi, President of IGES, and Dr. Tjandradewi, Secretary-General of UCLG-ASPAC, as the first partner institute.

  • Localisation is key to promoting implementation of the SDGs. Local governments have been at the forefront of such efforts, and are carrying out many activities for localization.
  • National frameworks for implementation and monitoring are useful for local governments in their implementation of the SDGs.
  • Circulating and Ecological Economy can guide local governments in implementing the SDGs. Each government has to identify the necessary scale of resource and carbon circulation.
  • Local Governments should more proactively engage in Voluntary National Reviews through the use of Voluntary Local Reviews.


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Government of Japan (Ministry of the Environment and Cabinet Office)
Government of Indonesia (Indonesian Ministry of National Development and Planning)
Government of the Philippines (National Economic and Development Authority)

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Presentation Materials

12:00 Opening Junichi Fujino (Programme Director, City Taskforce, IGES)  
12:05 Welcome Remarks Ryuzo Sugimoto (Ministry of the Environment Japan)  
12:10 Keynote Speech Ir. Subandi (Msc, Deputy for Human Development, Society and Culture from Indonesian Ministry of Planning and Development (Bappenas))  
12:15 Keynote Speech Undersecretary Rosemarie G. Edillon (National Economic and Development Authority of Philippine) PDF(1.6MB)
12:20 Keynote speech Jun Okubo (Cabinet Office, Government of Japan) PDF(2.2MB)
Discussion with Aceh, Kitakyushu, IGES and UCLG ASPAC
12:25   Aminullah Usman (Mayor of Banda Aceh City) PDF(929KB)
Kazuhide Umemoto (Vice Mayor, City of Kitakyushu) PDF(1.4MB)
Kazuhiko Takeuchi (President, IGES) PDF(1.1MB)
Bernadia Tjandradewi (UCLG ASPAC)
13:10   Launching of VLR Lab and the signing ceremony of the letter of cooperation between IGES and UCLG-ASPAC Yatsuka Kataoka (Joint Programme Director, City Taskforce, IGES) PDF(321KB)