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Kitakyushu, with its vast experience in overcoming historic levels of pollution, is carrying out a diverse set of actions that take advantage of environmental management know-how, technologies, and partnerships between industries, government, academia and civic society that have been developed along the way. Bundled among these assets is Kitakyushu’s commitment to international environmental cooperation, which is being promoted in collaboration with cities in Asia and has achieved results that are leading to improvements in the environments of Kitakyushu’s partner cities due to its continuity, comprehensiveness and detailed responses, helping Kitakyushu maintain its position as a top runner among local governments in Japan. In recent years, as efforts to achieve sustainable societies have gained momentum around the world under the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the spotlight is again focusing on the roles of cities as socio-economic foundations. In light of these global trends, IGES has turned its attention to efforts supporting the creation of sustainable societies through city-to-city collaboration carried out under Kitakyushu’s international environmental cooperation initiatives, and has compiled the results of this research into a report, “Actions for a Sustainable Society - Collaboration between Asia and the City of Kitakyushu” (Japanese, English), in cooperation with the City of Kitakyushu.

At this seminar, attendees will reflect on what Kitakyushu, which aims to become a “World Capital of Sustainable Development”, must do to build on the achievements gained through the city’s international environmental cooperation initiatives that have been developed based on the environmental technologies and management know-how accumulated here and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society in the future.

Research Report
With the adoption and entry into force of the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), eyes are turning to the efforts of sustainable cities. Taking this as an opportunity, the Kitakyushu Urban Centre, IGES, investigated and analysed the factors that enabled Kitakyushu to conduct continuous cooperation activities in diverse areas...

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