Shobhakar DHAKAL

Former Staff (from Apr 2001 - Mar 2007 )
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Policy Report

The results of this study indicate that Kathmandu Valley's motorized travel demand increased 8.7 fold in 2004 from nearly one billion passenger-km in 1989. It suggests that the demand will increase to 27 billion passenger-km by 2025. Despite the drastic increase, the modal share of public and private transport modes have changed little since 1989...

Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.5 No.2
Lee Schipper

Asian cities have witnessed rapid urbanization and an unprecedented rate of motorization in the last decade. Because of this, negative externalities of urban transport such as congestion and environmental impacts have become serious concerns. A number of past studies in this field have shown that health risks are high in key Asian cities...

Peer-reviewed Article
In LaRevueDurable: Dossier Vivre Ensemble En Megalopole

Avec des ecarts de richesses qui vont du simple au quadruple, les habitants de Pekin, Seoul, Shanghai et Tokyo consomment des quantites comparables d' energie. Tres dependants du charbon, Pekin et Shanghai emettent beaucoup plus de dioxyde de carbone (CO2

Policy Report

Cities in rapidly industrialising regions of Asia are confronted with multiple tasks for economic development and environmental protection. They tend to give priorities to immediate and local issues, and consider global warming as a far-away issue. The nature of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from cities is not well understood in Asia. In...

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