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Commissioned Report

The Kitakyushu Initiative for a Clean Environment is a 10-year programme aimed at achieving improvement in the urban environment by building the capacities of local governments in urban environmental management through fostering information exchange, dissemination of case studies and analysis of successful practices to support their replication, as...


Facilitating Inter-city Cooperation to Promote Local Actions on Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

Policy Report

Mobilizing Public Support for a Sustainable Solid Waste Management: The Case Study of Santo Tomas Municipality, Philippines

Policy Report
Kitakyushu Initiative Research

The main objective of this study is to analyze the framework of solid waste management (SWM) system in the Philippines, identify good SWM practices, and formulate strategies for its replication in the country and among local government members of the Kitakyushu Initiative Network. Specifically it seeks to:

1. Analyze the mandates and role of local...

Policy Report
Kitakyushu Initiative Workshop

The fourth meeting of the Kitakyushu Initiative Network in June 2007 that was held in Kitakyushu, Japan highlights the unanimous declaration of all participating local governments from Asia and the Pacific region that solid waste management (SWM) remains the most pressing environmental concern for cities and municipalities today. Indeed, solid...

Policy Report
Kitakyushu Initiative Research

To ensure that the objectives of the research are being achieved, activities in selected cities in the Philippines are to be monitored. At the core of this is the development of a Study on Low-Cost and Low-Tech Wastewater and Night Soil Management Systems in the Philippines.

The main objective of the research study is to conduct an in-depth...

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