Tokyo Sustainability Action
Tokyo Sustainability Action


Tokyo Sustainability Action

Insights of the Report

Tokyo Sustainability Action outlines the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s initiatives and approaches for realisation of the SDGs, based on Future Tokyo: Tokyo’s Long-Term Strategy, which was formulated in March 2021. It has been prepared as a Voluntary Local Review (VLR).

Issued: July 2021
14,019,655 (Nov. 2021)
2194 ㎢
Population Density
6,390 per ㎢ (Nov. 2021)
Level of Government
Sub-National (ex. prefectural, state, etc)
Carbon Emission
57,330,000 t-CO2 (2018)
Carbon Footprint per capita
Carbon Absorption
Budget Size
JPY 15.2 trillion / USD 136 billion

City Profile

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is the centre of various functions including politics, economy, industry, education and culture. It is also the near centre of Japan geographically. It is made up of the 23 special wards, each with offices of government and private enterprises; the Tama area with its abundant nature, as well as SMEs, universities and research institutions; and the Tokyo islands.

The Report and more

The VLR report is available here:
Tokyo Sustainability Action