Informe Local Voluntario Para los ODS Sarchí 2022
Informe Local Voluntario Para los ODS Sarchí 2022


Informe Local Voluntario Para los ODS Sarchí 2022

Insights of the Report

Sarchí’s first VLR underscores the pivotal role of local entities and stakeholders in SDG implementation. This initiative was driven by MIDEPLAN and the Network of Canton Promoters of the SDGs, backed by IFAM and UNDP. In 2021, this initiative facilitated SDG localisation, integrating SDGs into the core planning tools of the local government and fostering awareness among staff and local stakeholders. Sarchí's 2021-2031 Local Human Development Strategy is aligned with the SDGs, focusing on sustainable development with inclusivity. The VLR comprehensively outlines thematic axes, strategic objectives, action lines and projects in alignment with the SDGs. For instance, under “sociocultural development,” actions aim to preserve local cultural values and traditions, reinforcing identity and unity. One associated project aims to enhance sports and recreation facilities by 2023, contributing to SDGs 16.6 and 17.17, with defined progress indicators.

Issued: 2022
22,596 (2022)
120.25 ㎢
Population Density
187.91 per ㎢ (2022)
Level of Government
Local (ex. city, town, village, etc)

City Profile

Sarchí is a canton of the Alajuela province in Costa Rica, previously known as Valverde Vega. Its capital is Sarchí Norte. The canton's economy centres on agriculture, livestock and tourism. Particularly significant is the small-scale craft industry, renowned for crafting wooden furniture. Sarchí, especially its capital city, is celebrated as the "Cradle of Costa Rican Craftsmanship" due to its artistic work in precious woods, notably the decoration of traditional oxcarts—an icon of Costa Rican culture and UNESCO World Heritage.

The Report and more

The VLR report is available here:
Informe Local Voluntario Para los ODS Sarchí 2022