Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Reporte Voluntario Local Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Reporte Voluntario Local Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Reporte Voluntario Local Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Insights of the Report

Santa Cruz de la Sierra's autonomous municipal government (GAMSC) is committed to becoming a modern, resilient and participatory entity, serving as a model for providing public services that foster holistic development. In conducting a VLR process, the GAMSC has harmonised its six municipal government plan objectives with the SDGs. These objectives span infrastructure development, legal support for businesses, healthcare access, resource decentralisation, job creation and educational infrastructure. The VLR presents the municipality's advancements towards SDGs, encompassing quantifiable goals and close collaboration with UN-Habitat for SDG monitoring. This report evaluates 14 SDGs, emphasising the city's vision for inclusive, supportive urban development and highlighting the significance of stakeholder involvement, regional coordination and strategic planning alignment for success.

Issued: 2022
1,903,398 (2022)
325.6 ㎢
Population Density
5,845 per ㎢ (2022)
Level of Government
Local (ex. city, town, village, etc)

City Profile

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, commonly known as Santa Cruz, is a city located in the eastern plains of Bolivia, along the Piraí River. It is presently the most populous city in the country. It serves as the capital of the Santa Cruz department, the region with the highest regional gross product in Bolivia. This city anchors the Santa Cruz de la Sierra metropolitan area, which is currently Bolivia's most densely populated urban centre, with an estimated population of over 3.8 million in 2022. This metropolitan region comprises a conurbation of seven municipalities: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, La Guardia, Warnes, Cotoca, El Torno, Porongo and Montero. Since the 1950s, due to increased physical integration with the rest of the country, the city has experienced significant population growth. Today, Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, considered Bolivia's economic and industrial powerhouse, with its metropolitan area hosting a substantial number of industrial, agricultural, forestry, mining and hydrocarbon sectors.

The Report and more

The VLR report is available here:
Reporte Voluntario Local Santa Cruz de la Sierra