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Mafra More Sustainable
Mafra More Sustainable

Mafra Municipality

Mafra More Sustainable

Insights of the Report

By preparing its first Voluntary Local Review (VLR), the municipality intends to assess and present the progress made in the implementation of the SDGs, by understanding the current state of sustainability of the Municipality of Mafra. The report is also an instrument to support local decision-makers in decision-making processes by providing a cognitive tool to help internal and external dialogue and to motivate the engagement of civil society. The VLR was developed as a result of the ongoing municipal programme, by transferring and sharing knowledge. The entire process was developed in a balanced partnership between the municipality team and GlobalSolutions4U, represented by Pedro das Neves. The purpose was to produce a roadmap tool to achieve the SDGs in Mafra. Numerous partners contributed to this research, including civil society, academia, and the companies operating in the Mafra Municipality. The design of this review was based on the Global Guiding Elements for Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) of SDG implementation developed by the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs.

Issued: April 2023
86521 (2021)
292 ㎢ (2021)
Population Density
296,7 hab/㎢
Level of Government
Local (city, town, village, etc)
Carbon Emissions
170004 t-CO2 (2019)
Carbon Footprint per capita
Budget Size
EUR 118 million/USD 128 million (2023)

City Profile

The municipality of Mafra is located 50 km north of Lisbon, belonging to the major Lisbon metropolitan area. On the west side of the Municipality runs 11 km of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. Mafra stands out for its growing demographic and urban development while presenting a mainly rural landscape, with the notable presence of natural, cultural and architectural sites of national recognition. Examples include the Royal Building of Mafra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Tapada Nacional de Mafra, a green UNESCO World Heritage site. Close to the sea, Mafra Municipality is the location of Ericeira, the first European World Surfing Reserve. Mafra was recognised by UN-Habitat as an SDG Silver City and is expected to achieve SDG Gold City status in due course, following the conclusion of its VLR.

The Report and more

The VLR report is available here:
Mafra More Sustainable