Fatih Voluntary Local Review Report

Fatih Voluntary Local Review Report


Fatih Voluntary Local Review Report

Insights of the Report

Fatih's Voluntary Local Evaluation Report, with its inclusiveness and neighbourhood-oriented approach,is a report that offers an innovative perspective on the sustainable development process shaped in line with the principles of prioritisation and indexation. These principles ensure that the report aims to reduce inequalities by covering all segments of society and neighbourhoods, while understanding the dynamics at the neighbourhood level and focusing on the specific needs of each, setting priorities and presenting results clearly with measurable indices. The comprehensive methodology developed for the Fatih Voluntary Local Assessment Report is an important step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) more effectively. The successful application of the Fatih VLR methodology demonstrates that the report provides a sound basis for monitoring and evaluating the SDGs. The results of the report will inform the district's sustainability journey. It provides a more scientific, measurable and reliable evaluation.

The results obtained provide an important guide for future planning and decisions by analysing the current situation of the district in detail. This guidance provides numerous opportunities to clearly identify the steps needed to realise the district's sustainability vision. At the same time, the resources of the district need to be used more effectively and produce solutions for the specific needs of each neighbourhood or region. If the district administration and relevant stakeholders make strategic decisions by using this methodology and take into account the results obtained, it will further strengthen the sustainability efforts of the district.

Issued: October, 2023
356,025 (Dec. 2023)
15 ㎢
Population Density
23.548 per ㎢
Level of Government
Local (city, town, village, etc)

City Profile

Istanbul is a city that has hosted many civilisations throughout history and stands out with its geographical location, rich historical and cultural heritage. Fatih district, located in the centre of this magnificent city, is the heart of Istanbul and contains many important elements.

Fatih district attracts attention not only with its geographical beauty but also with its strategic location. The fact that it has been the capital of different civilisations throughout its history emphasises the historical past and importance of the district. In addition, the district is an important part of Istanbul with its tourism and commercial functions.

Fatih, which has the oldest settlement areas of the city, is very rich in terms of historical artefacts. It has not lost any of its charm during the Byzantine, Ottoman and Republican periods and is home to very important historical and touristic artefacts within its borders that are rare not only in Turkey but also worldwide.

Fatih district, which is among the historical areas of Istanbul, has been recognised as a world heritage site and taken under protection. Areas such as Sultanahmet, around Suleymaniye Mosque, Zeyrek Mosque and Istanbul Land Walls are of great importance for the protection of cultural heritage.

Fatih is one of the prominent districts of Istanbul with its cosmopolitan population , where people from ethnic origins, cultural and socio-economic differences live together, making it the centre of Istanbul with its historical texture and cultural richness.

In this way, the district stands out as an urban space where different languages, religions and traditions coexist by offering a multicultural environment.

According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute in 2023, Fatih, with a population of 356,025 people, constitutes 2.27% of Istanbul's population and is the 24th most populous district among 39 districts. The population of the district is distributed in 57 neighbourhoods with different densities. The district is divided into Fatih and Eminönü regions in terms of population and socioeconomics

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The VLR report is available here:
Fatih Voluntary Local Review Report