Banjir Bukan Hanya Salah Drainase (Urban Flood is not only Caused by Problems on Drainage)

In Lampung Post
Non Peer-reviewed Article

The published article is basically the author's opinion related to the current unprecedented event of severe urban flood that happened in Metro City, Lampung Province, Indonesia. Based on urban planning perspective, an analysis on the comprehensive problems focusing on urban drainage system and a view on possible solutions for the city government were proposed. The necessary solutions must be cross-sector and integrated. Evaluation of existing drainage network performance needs to be done intensively and carefully. Spatial plans and urban areas need to be reviewed, revised, and then applied strictly and strictly. Provision of green open spaces (RTH) as a catchment area needs to be continually reproduced and upgraded. The development of new residential areas in the form of housing by developers is need to be supervised by the government to ensure the application of sustainable development principles in developing its area. Similarly, waste management and supervision must be tightened. There may be a need for fundamental reforms through formal and non-formal education as these waste problems are related to community behaviour. Finally, it is also necessary to take a more serious attention toward climate change problem by doing mitigation action in the form of government policy and better infrastructure development and also adaptation action in the form of long-term changes at social, economic, and cultural level of Metro City society.