IGES Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Circular Regions to Promote Circular Economy from Regional and City Perspectives


On 26 August, IGES signed a cooperation agreement with Circular Regions, a Norway-based non-profit organisation with strengths in promoting the circular economy from regional and city perspectives. 

IGES and Circular Regions both focus on the potential of regions and cities as hubs that connect countries, individuals and businesses, and have been actively engaged in developing case studies and inter-organisational collaborations to achieve a sustainable society. 

Circular Regions has taken a holistic approach from roadmap design to implementation and monitoring, using practical and efficient methods and tools. In recent years, it has also been expanding its international network, including Canada and India. IGES has vast experience in supporting municipalities and city-to-city collaboration, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, based on international frameworks.

Based on the affinity and complementarity of the work of IGES and Circular Regions, the cooperation agreement aims to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and create value for various stakeholders by creating and further expanding an international network for the circular economy, and disseminating best practices worldwide.