Session on Japanese Energy-Efficient Technologies at GEDA and NPC’s State Level Energy Auditors and Energy Managers Meet (Surat, Gujarat, India)


As part of Japan-India Technology Matchmaking Platform (JITMAP) activities, IGES and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) organised a session in Surat, Gujarat, on Japanese low-carbon steam management and compressed air technologies, in collaboration with experts from TLV International Inc. and Kobelco Compressors India. This session was part of an event organised by the Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), and the National Productivity Council (NPC). Over 100 energy auditors and managers participated in the event.
During the session, technology experts from TLV India, Mr. Ravi Mishra, and from Kobelco Compressors, Mr. Saravanan Ramasamy, introduced steam management systems and VFD air compressors, respectively. The session spurred high interest among the audience. For compressed air systems, questions about the local suppliers of the technology, specific power consumption of the compressor, and potential to install VFD for existing Kobelco compressors were raised. 
During the session, Mr. Kansara from GEDA stated his appreciation of TLV’s walk-through surveys (between 3 to 6 February) across Indian textile and paper companies, and also congratulated IGES and TERI on their JITMAP initiative. 
JITMAP takes a unique approach to promoting industrial energy efficiency by bridging the demand and supply of energy-efficient technologies through B2B and B2P matching. It does so by facilitating walk-through energy audits, capacity building workshops, and training programmes across industrial clusters in India. More detail can be found at:

Key Participants: Mr. Shirish Paliwal (Director, National Productivity Council Gandhinagar), Mr. Rajesh Kansara (Project Executive, Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA)), Mr. Ashish Kumar Sahu (National Productivity Council), Mr. Takaharu Nakashima (General Manager, TLV International), Mr. Peush Jaitly (General Manager, TLV India), Mr. Ravi Mishra, (Engineer, TLV India), Mr. Hitesh Vaishnav (Vintage Air Technology – Distributer Kobelco Compressors), Mr. Saravanan Ramasamy (Engineer, Kobelco Compressors), Mr. Toshinori Hamaguchi (Programme Manager, IGES) Ms. Aditi Khodke (Policy Researcher, IGES), Mr. Pawan Kumar Tiwari (Fellow, TERI).

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