Seminar on Climate Actions and the Joint Crediting Mechanism in Indonesia


On 23 January 2020, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and the Indonesia JCM Secretariat, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, Indonesia (CMEA) jointly organised the “Seminar on Climate Actions and the Joint Crediting Mechanism in Indonesia”. 

The seminar focused on results of the negotiations on Article 6 at COP 25, the latest updates on carbon pricing in Indonesia, and the current status and contributions of the JCM in Indonesia. In the morning session, IGES shared the negotiation results for Article 6, and key points to be discussed in future negotiations. Then the Ministry of Environment and Forestry shared recent updates on carbon pricing in Indonesia. Next, the Indonesia JCM Secretariat introduced the current implementation of the JCM in Indonesia. The presentations were followed by an active panel discussion. In the afternoon session, two attendees shared their experiences as project participants. IGES introduced the JCM’s contribution to the SDGs using examples of diverse contributions made by JCM projects. Participants from both the private sector and government agencies engaged in enthusiastic discussions on climate actions, including the JCM and its benefits. Overall, the seminar widely discussed and disseminated information and shared perspectives on climate actions.

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Sari Pacific Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of Indonesia
Yayasan Mitra Hijau
Indonesian / English
Approx. 80
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