Awareness Workshop: Dissemination of Japanese low-carbon technologies in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India on 30 August 2018

30 August 2018

IGES and The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI), India, organised an awareness workshop for disseminating Japanese low-carbon technologies (LCTs) in India on 30 August 2018 at Ankleshwar Industries Association in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, as part of the activities under Japan-India Technology Matchmaking Platform (JITMAP) supported by Hyogo Prefectural Government, Japan. Ankleshwar is an industrial township in the state of Gujarat and Ankleshwar Industries Association is the largest organisation in Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) with more than 2,000 registered members. 

The awareness workshop was supported by the leading government agencies and business associations from Gujarat, namely: Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), Gujarat Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation Limited (GITCO), Ankleshwar Industries Association (AIA) and Dahej Industries Association (DIA). In addition, more than hundred factory owners and representatives from industries attended the workshop.

At the inaugural session, Mr. Prosanto Pal (TERI), Mr. Rajesh Kansara (GEDA), Mr. K H Kakkad (GITCO), Mr. Mahesh J Patel (AIA) and Mr. Dinesh Patel (DIA) appreciated and endorsed the significance of JITMAP as a means to promote LCTs in India through introducing cutting-edge LCTs and accelerating their deployment by connecting businesses, finance and government organisations. The dignitaries from Gujarat encouraged the participants to identify proactively which LCTs they need at the Ankleshwar industrial cluster, to match with the appropriate Japanese suppliers under JITMAP. Dr Abdessalem Rabhi (IGES) further explained the features of JITMAP and its mode of operation, and expressed gratitude to AIA and DIA for their interest to be part of JITMAP.

In the technical session, Mr M.R Ramesh from Bando India Pvt Ltd and Mr Rakesh Pandita from Kobelco Compressors India Pvt Ltd introduced and explained about transmission belt technologies and air compressors, respectively. It was confirmed that both technologies have wider application in the Ankleshwar industrial cluster; however, it turned out that more than 90% of the participants were previously unaware about the products and their energy efficiency potential. Therefore, the workshop was a conducive opportunity for the participants to get acquainted with the energy efficiency of transmission belts and air compressors, and to connect with the suppliers. It was also a good business opportunity for the technology suppliers who could get in touch with more than 100 representatives of the industries at a single event. At the end of the workshop, a number of participants approached Mr M.R Ramesh and Mr Rakesh Pandita to place a request for onsite investigation and potential implementation of the technologies.

Concomitantly, to assess the applicability of the technologies, a series of feasibility studies were conducted for Bando’s belt technologies at pharmaceutical, glass, chemical and chlor-alkali industries in Ankleshwar, and about Kobelco’s air compressor technology at a textile factory in the union territory of Daman near Gujarat. All the studied sites were found to be feasible to install the technologies, and implementation of Bando’s energy efficient transmission belts has already been taken place at two of those sites.

In this way, JITMAP is pioneering in connecting Indian business and Japanese LCT providers at the industrial cluster level, as well as raising awareness of industrial energy efficiency in India.


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Event Details

30 August 2018

Ankleshwar Industries Association, GIDC Industrial Estate, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Gujarat, India

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Inaugural Session
Bando India's presentation during the Technical Session
Kobelco Compressor's presentation during the Technical Session
Feasibility study for Bando India’s transmission belts at chemical industry in Ankleshwar