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Activity Reports

2 Sep. 2014 Beijing, China
IGES-ERI Policy Research Workshop
On the road to Paris: The readiness of key countries for COP21 and beyond

6 Jun. 2014 Bonn, Germany
UNFCCC SB40 Side Event:
Promoting actions for drastic mitigation toward 2020 and beyond from Asia

Nov. 2013

"CDM Executive Board adopted a proposed standardised baseline jointly submitted by IGES and Ministry of Environment of Cambodia"

The CDM Executive Board adopted the standardised baseline “Technology switch in the rice mill sector of Cambodia” which was established based on a joint proposal from IGES and the Ministry of the Environment of Cambodia, in the seventy-sixth meeting which was held from 4 to 8 November in Warsaw, Poland.

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Japan 2050 Pathways Calculator

2 May 2014
The News of Japan 2050 Pathways Calculator

Expert review meeting on 20 February 2014 in Tokyo
The preliminary results of the Japan 2050 Pathways Calculator developed by IGES and NIES

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