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murasaki riverIGES Kitakyushu Urban Centre (KUC) is situated in Kitakyushu City, a city which has gone from being a byword for pollution to one of Japan's pre-eminent environmental cities. KUC produces cross-cutting research on sustainable urban development, covering critical sectors such as waste management, water and sanitation, pollution control and climate change, among others. KUC works closely with local and international partners to facilitate the dissemination and replication of good urban environmental practices in the Asian region.

The Centre also specialise in research on the transfer of low-carbon city development policies and practices between Japan and Asian countries. Research is enhanced by close links with local and central governments, ASEAN and international organisations working on the sustainable city agenda.


The IGES Kitakyushu Office was established in 1999 and carried out various activities such as the Kitakyushu Initiative for a Clean Environment, a cooperative programme with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and Kitakyushu City. In April 2010, the office was renamed as the Kitakyushu Urban Centre and is currently carrying out research to promote local governmental actions to create low-carbon, eco-sustainable cities, covering critical areas such as waste management, sanitation, pollution control and transportation.

KUC assisting local governments in Asian cities with capacity building, making full use of JICA training courses as well as research activities. Working in close cooperation with Kitakyushu Asian Center for Low Carbon Society which was established by Kitakyushu City in June 2010 to act as a core facility dedicated to vitalising local economies through a commitment to carbon reduction projects in Asian societies, KUC has also been providing local SMEs with assistance for technology transfer overseas.


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13-17 June 2016 First National/City Workshops for Developing the National/City Waste Management Strategies in Myanmar Myanmar
17 May 2016 CCAC MSWI Awareness Raising Workshop for Japanese Cities and Organisations Tokyo
15–20 November 2015 City exchange between Cebu, Philippines and Kitakyushu, Japan under the CCAC-MSWI Kitakyushu
15 July 2015 Releasing the Bahasa Indonesia version of the Organic Composting Manual for kids  
9-10 February 2015 6th High Level Seminar on Environmentally Sustainable Cities Johor Bahru, Malaysia
6 February 2015 The 4th Green Economy Green Growth, GEGG Myanmar Forum
IGES and Kitakyushu City hosted Panel Discussion on “Mandalay – Kitakyushu City to City Cooperation Towards an Eco Model City of ASEAN” in collaboration with MCDC
Mandalay City, Myanmar
9 December 2014 UNFCCC COP20 Japan Pavilion Event
Low-Carbon Project Development in Surabaya City, Indonesia, using JCM through City-to-City Cooperation with Kitakyushu City, Japan
Rima, Peru
11 August 2014 Cities Page and Flyers Update
29 May 2014 Inception Workshop for Year 2 of the ASEAN ESC Model Cities Programme
Phuket, Thailand
April 2014 IGES Researchers’ Viewpoint
Composting in Municipal Solid Waste Management in Sri Lanka
28 February - 1 March 2014 5th High Level Seminar on Environmentally Sustainable Cities Surabaya, Indonesia
20 November 2013 Interim Meeting for the Project on Low-Carbon City Planning in Surabaya, Indonesia Surabaya, Indonesia
16 November 2013 COP19 IGES Co-Organised Event
Environmentally Sustainable Cities (ESC) Model Cities Programme in ASEAN
Warsaw, Poland
16 November 2013 COP19 IGES Co-Organised Event
Low-Carbon City Planning in Surabaya, Indonesia, Supported by Kitakyushu, Japan
Warsaw, Poland
18 October 2013 Towards a Green Growth Accelerating More:
"OECD Green Cities Programme Commemorative Meeting for the Kitakyushu Report Publication"
18 Sep. 2013 Releasing the Organic Composting Manual for kids; "Organic Composting - How Great!"  
24 July 2013 ISAP 2013 KUC Session
Potential of City-to-City Cooperation for Low-Carbon Development in Asia: A Case study of the Cooperation between Surabaya City and Kitakyushu City
10 July 2013 Low-Carbon and Environmentally Sustainable City Planning Project in Surabaya, Indonesia – Inception Workshop Surabaya, Indonesia
17 June - 5 July 2013 The Capacity Development for NAMA/MRV Kitakyushu
7-9 June 2013 Collaboration with University Students on the International Conference of Design for Sustainability Sustainable Design: Share Asian Future! Kitakyushu
30 May 2013 Inception Workshop for Capacity Building on MRV in Phitsanulok Municipality Phitsanulok, Thailand
29 May 2013 Kitakyushu Environmental Future City Study Tour Kitakyushu
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