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    The IGES Regional Centre strengthens IGES’s partnerships with key stakeholders in the region and engages in activities to facilitate environmental policy development. It also provides secretariat services for regional networks that focus on climate change adaptation, environmental enforcement and compliance, and sustainable development.

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    Mainstreaming climate change adaptation critical to national survival
    The 3rd Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum brought together speakers and participants from across 30 Asia-Pacific countries in government, civil society, academia and the private sector to share experiences and find concrete solutions to mainstreaming adaptation planning at the national and community levels.

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Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN)

APANAPAN is a regional network focusing on climate change adaptation in Asia and the Pacific under the UNEP's Global Adaptation Network (GAN). The aim is to help equip key actors with knowledge for implementing climate change adaptation measures and integrating climate change adaptation into national development policies. Since 2010, IGES has been serving as the Regional Hub for APAN.

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USAID/Adapt Asia-Pacific
ADAPT Asia-Pacific

The USAID Climate Change Adaptation Project Preparation Facility for Asia and the Pacific (Adapt Asia-Pacific) is an integrated knowledge transfer, capacity building and technical assistance programme that links climate funding organisations with selected Asia-Pacific countries and helps prepare projects that increase resilience to the negative impact of climate change. IGES is supporting the knowledge management component of the programme in collaboration with APAN.

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Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network (AECEN)

AECENAECEN is a network of environmental agencies in Asia dedicated to improving performance in relation to compliance and enforcement of national laws and multilateral environment agreements. IGES has been serving as the secretariat since 2012.

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SDplanNet-Asia & Pacific

SDplanNetSDplanNet Asia-Pacific is a network of sustainable development practitioners that conducts outreach activities such as sharing tools and the latest news useful to practitioners. IGES has been coordinating the network since 2008.

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