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ISAP2019 Special Issue | 29 July 2019
ISAP2019 - International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific Registration open!
Information on live streaming of "ISAP2019 - International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific"
The International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific 2019 will be held on 30-31 July in Yokohama. This forum is held annually to share information and facilitate diverse discussions on sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific, with the participation of front-line experts and diverse stakeholders from international organisations, governments, businesses and NGOs. This year's theme is "Inclusive transformation: Multi-stakeholder collaboration driving the world towards a Circulating and Ecological Economy". Co-organised by IGES and UNU-IAS, there will be panel discussions and expert presentations touching on a range of environmental topics, from energy use and climate change, to plastic waste and natural resources, to sustainable consumption and production, and more. Click on the link below for more details:

Thematic Track 3 will be streamed live via the internet. Please visit the session’s web page below. Live streaming will be available here:

*Registration is now closed.

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