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7 June 2019
Cherry Blossoms
APFSD 2019 Report & Briefing Note

Report "Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development: Developing into a Useful Multi-stakeholder Platform for Experience Sharing and Networking"
This report highlights key takeaways from APFSD-6, including the Forum’s use as a means to connect stakeholders focused on sustainable development, and its importance in fostering dialogue. The report concludes by noting APFSD’s utility in gathering and strengthening Asian voices and perspectives in preparation for the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF).

Briefing Note "Voluntary Local Reviews (VLR) – An Innovative, Inclusive Way to Connect the Local to the National, Regional, and Global Processes"
The Briefing Note summarises discussions at APFSD-6 on local sustainability and engaging local stakeholders, and provides an overview of how Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) can be used to support measurement and achievement of the SDGs at the sub-national level. It outlines key challenges that should be addressed, and ends with two recommendations related to institutionalising VLRs, and establishing a national process to discuss the use of data by local governments.

Brochure "Our Actions for a Resource-efficient Future: Following Up G7 Progress on Toyama Framework on Material Cycles and 5-year Bologna Roadmap"

On 5 May, at the G7 Environment Ministers’ Meeting (EMM) held in Metz, France, the G7 Resource Efficiency Alliance, under an initiative of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, unveiled a report compiling Alliance members’ current best efforts for resource efficiency improvement. IGES contributed to the production of a brochure on this report, now available below.

More details available here

Event Report "Promoting Enabling Environment for Inclusiveness by Localising SDGs - 6th Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development Side Event"

“Promoting Enabling Environment for Inclusiveness by Localising SDGs,” an official side event of APSFD 2019 was held on 28 March, in collaboration with the Governments of Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, and United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG-ASPAC). Participants shared regional efforts and model cases of localising SDGs, and discussed how to improve inclusivity.

More details available here

IGES and NIE MOU Announcement

On 21 May, IGES and the Republic of Korea’s National Institute of Ecology (NIE) signed an MOU to enhance their collaboration. The main focus will be on research investigations and programming related to biodiversity policy, ecosystems, and natural resources.

More details available here

”Asia-Pacific Landscape Transformations: Solutions for Sustainability” Policy Report
”Asia-Pacific Landscape Transformations: Solutions for Sustainability”

Over recent decades the Asia-Pacific region has achieved tremendous economic growth, but in many places the way land is being used to generate this growth is unsustainable. This flagship report was motivated by the stark and rapid changes in landscapes that can be observed across the region and their consequences, and argues that a vision of sustainable landscapes can guide policymaking and administration towards more effective cross-boundary management of interdependent ecosystems.

More details available here

Six Proposals for Future Policies towards Circular Economy and Society Policy Brief
"Six Proposals for Future Policies towards Circular Economy and Society"

This is the policy brief of T20 (Think 20) which is the network of policy research institutes and organisations. It suggests six priorities for developed and emerging economies (represented by G20 countries) to mainstream circular economy and society globally, and proposes further tasks for countries where related policies are already being undertaken.


Proposals to Strengthen Japan’s Domestic Measures and Regional Cooperation on Stable and Environmentally Sound Plastic Scrap Recycling: Response to China’s Ban on Imports of Plastic Scrap Policy Brief
"Proposals to Strengthen Japan’s Domestic Measures and Regional Cooperation on Stable and Environmentally Sound Plastic Scrap Recycling: Response to China’s Ban on Imports of Plastic Scrap"

Ahead of G20, where leaders are expected to touch upon the topic of plastic waste, it may be helpful to know about major topics such as China’s plastic waste import ban and its global effects. This policy brief surveys the trends and issues related to international material recycling routes for plastic scrap exported from Japan that have been rapidly changing since 2017, considers potential future developments, and proposes policy recommendations for securing a stable and environmentally sound material recycling process for plastic scrap.


Recruitment IGES Bangkok Regional Office seeks Communications and Knowledge Management Manager

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