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30 August 2018
Launch of new additions to IGES e-Learning Series
Launch of new additions to IGES e-Learning Series

Two videos highlighting how IGES’s partners in Myanmar are leading the way on integrated waste management, with lessons on how individual citizens can also make a difference.

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2018 Japan-India Policy Research Workshop

About 50 participants from India, Japan, the US and others attended the workshop, and exchanged views and ideas on the latest climate related policies in India and Japan, promoting synergies and minimising trade-offs, enabling conditions and frameworks for increasing multiple benefits, and the design of the ratchet-up processes under the Paris Agreement, with a view to answering three main Talanoa questions of "where are we? ", "where do we want to go? ", and "how do we get there? "

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Latin American Regional Knowledge Sharing Workshop on International Market Mechanisms and Transparency under Paris Agreement

Policymakers and negotiators from eight Latin American countries (Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Peru) and other invited experts shared their understanding of and interest in reporting on the use of international market mechanisms, including avoidance of double counting. Participants also discussed common challenges and the way forward.

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IGES-CCET facilitates waste management policy dialogue with the Mayor of Hayama and delegates from Maldives and Myanmar

A study tour on zero waste policy was conducted on 20 July 2018 by IGES Centre Collaborating with UNEP on Environmental Technologies (CCET) in connection to ISAP2018, inviting delegates from Maldives and Myanmar. The tour was aimed at stimulating policy discussion towards implementation of the developed strategies in respective countries, and was designed to draw on lessons from Hayama’s Zero Waste policy which occupies the core of its waste management policy, as well as rigorous efforts by the town hall to translate the philosophy into tangible changes on the ground through implementation.

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City Taskforce

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Climate and Energy Area

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