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Cadman Timothy
Eastwood Lauren
Maraseni Tek
Pittock Jamie
Sarker Tapan
Since the Rio ‘Earth’ Summit of 1992, sustainable development has become the major policy response to tackling global environmental degradation, from climate change to loss of biodiversity and deforestation. Market instruments such as emissions trading, payments for ecosystem services and timber certification have become the main mechanisms for...
Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation.所収
This study discussed two topics; one is to monitor the opinions of Korean companies to various aspects of GHG ETS, and other is to identify the difference in companies’ viewpoints due to their characteristics in organizational size, sector and ownership. This analysis was carried out in a qualitative manner using the 66 data collected by a...
Chapter 6 in "Environmental Taxation And Green Fiscal Reform: Theory and Impact", edited by Larry Kreiser, Soocheol Lee, Kazuhiro Ueta, Janet E. Milne and Hope Ashiabor所収
Border carbon adjustment (BCA) aims to address the competitiveness and carbon leakage concerns caused by the asymmetric requirements for developed and developing countries regarding their domestic mitigation under the Kyoto Protocol. In this chapter, we argue that although BCA measures level up the playing field of foreign producers to the same...
Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation所収
This paper provides an integrative overview of the progress of the GHG emissions trading scheme (ETS) in Japan, China and the Republic of Korea and identifies and analyses the obstacles hindering policy introduction in this region. Japan has practiced experimental and voluntary ETS in recent years, but its intermediate proposal for domestic ETS...
Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation所収
This paper provides an overview of academic discussions and actual progress of a carbon tax policy in Japan, China and Republic of Korea located in Northeast Asia. Opportunities and barriers of introducing this policy in the region are identified by a comparative analysis of available information. The overview confirms the great importance of...
This book presents a coherent body of research work encompassing conceptual clarification, theoretical analysis and empirical analysis employing a case study. This book is motivated to operationalise sustainable development (SD) in the spirit of Brundtland Report paying special attention to water-stressed developing countries. The main objective of...