Sustainable Production

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Business Strategy and the Environment所収
Yang Jie
Qu Sixiao
Wang Leina
Bao Cunkuan
This paper explores the green supply chain management (GSCM) of companies based in the Yangtze River Delta, China. The companies' overall GSCM practice level (LGSCM) is measured by using the data from 165 valid respondents in a questionnaire survey conducted during April and May 2009. The relationships between LGSCM and the classified determinant...
Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Asia-Pacific Region: Effective Responses in a Resource Constrained World所収
This chapter discusses corporate environmental information disclosure (CEID) as a policy option to promote SCP in developing Asia. Corporate environmental reporting and environmental performance rating programmes as CEID initiatives in the region are reviewed and discussed. • CEID schemes in developing Asia hold promise for promoting environmental...
Sustainable Consumption and Production in a Climate Constrained World: Perspectives for the Asia Pacific所収
Food safety is an important issue requiring equal attention to food quantity and access to ensure holistic food security in the Asia-Pacific region. This chapter explores key issues in food safety in terms of SCP. Food safety is an issue of sustainable production and consumption in agriculture since both are linked through a web of feedback...
「2009年アジアの環境重大ニュース」では、アジアにおける重要な環境トピックである「地球温暖化」、「生物多様性」、「持続可能な生産と消費」の3つに焦点を当て、国際機関とアジア太平洋地域23ヶ国の環境専門家が選んだ自国や地域内における2009年の重大ニュースを掲載している。Remarks:English version is available at:
The 2009 edition of "Top News on the Environment in Asia" highlights three areas of significance for Asia under the section headings Global Warming, Biodiversity, and Sustainable Consumption and Production, and reports the important developments of 2009 as selected, for their own countries and for the region, by environment experts from...
What's New From IGES所収
Biofuels are attracting attention worldwide due to their potential to address global warming and energy security issues. In January 2007, the European Commission proposed a binding minimum target of a 10% share of biofuels used in transport for the European Union by 2020 as a part of its long-term renewable energy roadmap. In his State of the Union...
In Asia, private sector has been the engine of much of recent economic growth, while its regional growth has kept the entire world growing. However, this expansion also came with a cost of environmental sustainability that starts shaking the development process itself. Increasing awareness and growing public concerns about the negative...