Civil Society

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1. Participation of non-state actors at intergovernmental United Nations (UN) meetings and summits on sustainable development has greatly increased over the years; 2. Modalities of participation have evolved to match the increased options for participation by nonstate actors, but the rapid change of scale and scope of sustainable development...
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Governments are increasingly involving local communities and non-governmental organizations in the management of natural resources. The ways in which different stakeholders are involved varies from being consulted to taking a central role in planning and monitoring, andinfrequentlybeing given the legal right to manage resources. There can be many...
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Heike Schröder
This paper aims to present, from the perspectives of Germany and Japan, some of the major issues facing the international community in reaching agreement on the Kyoto Protocol and its implementation. It also provides the background leading up to the creation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Berlin Mandate, and the Kyoto...