Sustainable Consumption

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Global Research Forum on SCP workshop - “Global and Regional Research on Sustainable Consumption and Production Systems: Achievements, Challenges and Dialogues”
An axiom that has shaped policy approaches to sustainable consumption has been that if more consumers understand the environmental consequences of their consumption patterns, through their market choices they would inevitably put pressure on retailers and manufacturers to move towards sustainable production. The result is the proliferation of green...
Sustainable Development所収
Green purchasing (GP) is an important part of sustainable consumption, which reduces the impact of society on the environment. As few studies of people’s GP behaviours exist for China, this paper tries to close the gap by exploring GP behaviours of urban residents in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province. A total of 336 valid samples in a questionnaire...
Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Asia-Pacific Region: Effective Responses in a Resource Constrained World所収
This chapter focuses on the roles local governments can play in formulating and implementing local initiatives which contribute to sustainable consumption. Many case studies are included, with the analysis focusing on the enabling factors for promoting these local initiatives. • Examples of local initiatives for SC can be found in a variety of...
Sustainable Consumption and Production in a Climate Constrained World: Perspectives for the Asia Pacific所収
Food safety is an important issue requiring equal attention to food quantity and access to ensure holistic food security in the Asia-Pacific region. This chapter explores key issues in food safety in terms of SCP. Food safety is an issue of sustainable production and consumption in agriculture since both are linked through a web of feedback...