Methane mitigation

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本業務では、国立研究開発法人宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA)が有する衛星技術・製品・知見の第1回グローバル・ストックテイク等の国際環境政策への活用促進に向けた調査や支援を実施することを目的とし、(1)グローバル・ストックテイクに関わる支援、(2)ALOS 事例調査と実用可能性調査、(3)グローバル・メタン・プレッジへの貢献に向けたGOSAT データ活用促進支援に関する3 つの業務を実施した。
This report aims to build a better understanding of status quo and prospect of methane mitigation in oil and gas sector of Japan. The related policies and practices, which have been taken or considered by the national government, industrial association and major companies, are reviewed and summarized accordingly. A short summary is also provided...
EDF-IGES Policy Workshop on Oil and Gas Methane Mitigation
Focusing on methane mitigation of oil and gas industry, this presentation gives an overview about policy progress on this issue in Japan and ASEAN. The good practices of related industries are summarised. The policy options are proposed and future potential for the cooperation between Japan and ASEAN are analysed accordingly.