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The brochure on the Japan-France Collaboration on Long-Term Low Carbon Strategies, developed by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), gives an overview of the activities undertaken in 2016-2017 under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ) and the French Ministry of Environment...

Need and Possible Modality of a Better Regional Cooperative Framework for Air Quality Management in East Asia

Better Air Quality 2012, Hong Kong: Side Event on Strengthening the Science Policy Interface for Air Pollution Control: A Possibility for Establishing an Asian Science Panel on Air Quality
Katsunori Suzuki
Maki Koga
国際社会では、持続可能な発展を促進する上で、地方自治体の役割への期待が高まっており、日本では、能力と国際志向に富む一部の地方自治体が、途上国との環境国際協力に積極的に取り組んできた。しかしそれらの自治体においても、近年は財政状況が悪化する中で、環境協力に対する市民の理解が得られにくくなることが懸念されている。  本ポリシー・ブリーフでは、地方自治体が環境国際協力の資金調達手段として、炭素クレジット、カーボンオフセット、エコポイント等を利用できる可能性があること、このほか、地域の環境教育や環境ビジネスとの連携という側面からの実施について、市民の理解が得られる可能性があることを紹介している。 環境国際協力のすぐれた実績を有する横浜市及び北九州市で実施された市民調査によれば...
The global community is expecting local governments to play an increasingly important role in promoting sustainable development. However, the ability of local governments to do so, especially in some developed countries, may be weakening due to a possible decline in citizen interest and support as well as worsening fiscal and other constraints...

Comparison of Domestic Perspectives of Selected Countries on Strengthening the Science-policy Interface and International Cooperation Framework for Air Pollution Control in East Asia

International Workshop on Strengthening the International Cooperation Framework and Science-Policy Interface to Promote Air Pollution Control in East Asia
There is a pressing need to build an effective framework for international cooperation on the atmospheric environment in order to solve the problem of transboundary air pollution, which has become apparent in recent years in East Asia. However, there are gaps among countries with regard to their opinions on transboundary air pollution and their...