vulnerability assessments

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This derivative regional analysis covers the East Asian region consisting of China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan. While the Climate Vulnerability Monitor 3 rd Edition (Climate Vulnerable Forum & V20 2022) provides a global overview of climate vulnerability with national-level data, the emphasis of this...
This report provides an overview of the work carried out in collaboration with CVF/V20 on the development of regional derivative analysis for East Asia. The report narrates the workshop proceedings that were participated by various experts and practitioners discussing the findings of the CVM3. The presentations included an overview of the CVM...
TA 9993-THA: Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture for Enhanced Recovery and Sustainability of Highlands
Highland agriculture is fraught with several challenges that are related to tough agroclimatic conditions, poor agricultural institutions and socio-economic conditions. Overlaid with these challenges is the rapid climate change that is projected in the highlands as the world highlands will experience more rapid warming than the rest of the world...
ISAP 2021: The Decisive Decade: Towards Integrated Solutions to Climate, Biodiversity and Other Planetary Challenges
The flood vulnerability assessments conducted in Lao PDR and Myanmar inform us of at least eight messages to strengthen the flood risk reduction. These messagfs are 1. Stilted houses are the backbone of flood resilience, 2. Design of early warning should take into consideration the mobility of humans, assets and health facilities, 3. Flood...
Livelihood and climate change resilience with reference to flood hazards
Flood risks are on the rise in many ASEAN countries and understanding and addressing underlying vulnerabilities and sensitivities assume importance for an effective risk reduction. Given the multi-faceted nature of flood vulnerabilities, a mixed-methods approach is necessary to consider both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of...