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This paper conducts a comparative analysis of green industrial policy strategies recently advanced by the European Union (EU) and the United States (U.S.), and extends insights to the evolving policy landscape in Japan. Its analysis underscores how the European strategy is characterized by a systematic approach that balances emissions constraints...
Hydrogen in Decarbonization Strategies in Asia and the Pacific所収
This chapter explores the interest in hydrogen adoption across Asian countries for achieving net-zero goals, with a particular focus on Japan's prominent role. While Japan has taken strides in hydrogen initiatives, the extent to which its strategy aligns with ambitious climate targets remains uncertain. The chapter emphasises the importance of...
ADBI Working Paper Series
Japan has adopted several policies that signal its intent to rely on hydrogen to achieve net-zero climate goals. However, many of those same policies are unclear about its support for a transition to green hydrogen. Relying on gray and blue hydrogen without a transition to green hydrogen will harm the climate. It will also result in several other...
This report aims to build a better understanding of status quo and prospect of methane mitigation in oil and gas sector of Japan. The related policies and practices, which have been taken or considered by the national government, industrial association and major companies, are reviewed and summarized accordingly. A short summary is also provided...
 本業務では、東アジア地域において、先行して導入されている排出量取引制度の動向とその効果等の調査・分析を行った。具体的には、中国と韓国の 2 か国を対象とし、これまで実施された業務で既に収集済みの情報を基に、2022年度の最新情報を含む基礎的情報の収集を実施した。 そして、排出量取引制度に関する各国の取組の進展、とりわけアジア地域における制度の状況等を踏まえ、日本・中国・韓国の 3 か国の政府機関・研究機関等と協力して、第 7 回日中韓カーボンプライシングフォーラムを開催した。本フォーラムでは、排出量取引制度を含むカーボンプライシングに関する各国の経験の共有や、各国で運用されている制度上の課題と解決策、さらには今後の協力について議論した。
本分析では、100%という最大限の再生可能エネルギー(以下、再エネ)比率を想定した状況下において、送電線や電源などの電力系統内に揚水式水力、貯水池式一般水力発電、地熱発電、バイオマス発電、家庭用ヒートポンプ式給湯器、系統に接続される電気自動車(EV)の蓄電池、水素製造装置、既存ガス火力発電を改修した水素専焼火力といった電力需給調整に必要な柔軟性 (Flexibility) を供給する能力(以下、柔軟性供給力)がどのように利用されるかを明らかにする。 そのために、系統電力需要量に対応する電源構成において、国内再エネ由来の電源が実質的に100% となるシナリオを含む6つのシナリオ(RE60海外水素、RE100、RE100α、RE90α、RE100β、RE90β)を構築した...
EDF-IGES Policy Workshop on Oil and Gas Methane Mitigation
Focusing on methane mitigation of oil and gas industry, this presentation gives an overview about policy progress on this issue in Japan and ASEAN. The good practices of related industries are summarised. The policy options are proposed and future potential for the cooperation between Japan and ASEAN are analysed accordingly.
This chapter is newly added to the Plastic Atlas Japan Special Edition プラスチック・アトラス アジア[日本語特別版]. From the “economic miracle” period up to the present, Japan has built an excellent system for efficiently collecting and recycling recyclable waste. Yet, recycling does not constitute a definitive solution. Rather, it is important to lower the amount of...