marine plastic waste

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With a population of 250 million, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country and second-largest plastic polluter in the world after China. The country produces 3.2 million tonnes of un-managed plastic waste a year, of which about 1.29 million tonnes ends up in the marine environment. In addition, approximately 10 billion plastic carry bags...
Plastic Waste and Recycling Environmental Impact, Societal Issues, Prevention, and Solutions所収
Eight of the world's top 20 countries as sources of marine debris are from Asia—China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and India (Jambeck et al., 2015). In other words, the Asia-Pacific region is now recognized as a hotspot of plastic pollution of the oceans. These countries are facing typical challenges...
Accumulation of plastic wastes in the marine eco-system is growing rapidly with the increase of plastic production and consumption patterns, particularly single-use plastics as well as unsustainable plastic waste management practices. Land-based sources are recognised as the main cause (up to 80% of total marine debris) of marine plastic pollution...
Plastic pollution is one of the biggest global threats. Plastics use and waste have been rapidly growing, in particularly emerging Asia. Southeast Asia, with its high population density, strong economic dynamism, and generally inadequate waste management systems, is a hotspot for the challenges. With this as a background, ASEAN and the EU have...
T20 Japan Task Force 3: Climate Change and Environment
This policy brief suggests six priorities for developed and emerging economies represented by G20 countries to mainstream circular economy and society globally, as follows: 1) need to capture the momentum raised by public attention on marine plastic pollution; 2) raise the level of ambition of Extended Producer Responsibility; 3) provide policy...
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