climate resilience

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IWMI Working Paper
Irrigated agriculture has become an important focus of the Government of Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) for addressing poverty alleviation, food security and climate change. Most irrigation systems to date have relied upon surface water, limiting irrigation development to areas close to streams, rivers and reservoirs. To address this gap, a...
The Resilience Continuum: Comprehensive risk management in the face of climate change
Lack of economic opportunity has been identified as one of the important bottlenecks for achieving development and empowerment as a result of which several financial inclusion projects and programs have been introduced globally in the past several decades. These financial inclusion instruments range between providing cash at hand to invest in...
Owing to a high prevalence of rural poverty in Lao PDR, improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers by increasing their productivity is a high priority for the Government. Smallholder farming relies primarily on rainfall, which is prone to shortfalls and occasional droughts during the crop planting season. Reliable irrigation supplies would...
Towards Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture: 2nd International Conference Linking Science and Policy
Agricultural groundwater use in the Lower Mekong is gradually gaining attention due to increasing uncertainty over water availability. Although this region is blessed with abundant rainfall and a network of rivers, climate change, commercial agriculture, and competition for hydropower, ecosystem and urbanization are shifting demand-supply pattern...