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本業務では、途上国のNDC実施支援を行うとともに、各国の市場の状況等を踏まえ、途上国における新たな制度や規制の構築や既存制度の改善に寄与すること等を通じて、JCMを活用した優れた脱炭素・低炭素技術の展開及びJCMプロジェクトを契機とした横展開や普及拡大をさらに強化することを目的として、以下の4つの事業を行った。 本報告書はその成果についてとりまとめたものである。 (1)途上国及び都市におけるNDC策定支援 (2)途上国等における優れた脱炭素・低炭素技術の普及展開に向けた制度構築支援 (3)環境インフラ国別戦略(緩和)の策定支援 (4)業務成果の広報活動
NDCs are the sets of nationally driven actions that countries pledged to the UNFCCC in the wake of the Paris Agreement. Countries in Asia could capitalize on the political and financial support flowing from the Paris Agreement and NDCs to help mitigate Short Lived Climate Pollutants(SLCPs) and curb air pollution. This paper has three objectives...
The Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN) Exchange Series on Climate Change Adaptation is the email- based discussion operated by Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) with the support from the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MoEJ). The Exchange seeks to capture, consolidate and share experience-based knowledge as well as...
At the heart of the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement is whether and how effectively a ratchet-up mechanism through which Parties will increase ambition over time can work. This paper aims to examine the three elements of the ratchet-up mechanism: (1) a linkage between a five-year cycle of nationally determined contributions and long...