Science Policy Interface

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9th Ecosystem Services Partnership, World Conference
>Towards effective interdisciplinary SPIs - More dynamic, iterative and collaborative interactions with practitioners, knowledge holders (including ILK) and policymakers - Consolidating interdisciplinary study that recognises the interconnectedness of social and ecological system - Joint formation of research and policy - Building capacity and long...

Need and Possible Modality of a Better Regional Cooperative Framework for Air Quality Management in East Asia

Better Air Quality 2012, Hong Kong: Side Event on Strengthening the Science Policy Interface for Air Pollution Control: A Possibility for Establishing an Asian Science Panel on Air Quality
Katsunori Suzuki
Maki Koga

Comparison of Domestic Perspectives of Selected Countries on Strengthening the Science-policy Interface and International Cooperation Framework for Air Pollution Control in East Asia

International Workshop on Strengthening the International Cooperation Framework and Science-Policy Interface to Promote Air Pollution Control in East Asia