Green Markets

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The main purpose of this study is to provide strategic recommendations for the Government of Japan to increase the effectiveness of their international environmental cooperation efforts specifically aimed at improving the quantity and quality of green markets across East Asia. The information provided in this study is based on a series of primary...
This policy brief explores opportunities to improve Japan’s strategy for promoting and strengthening green markets across East Asia by addressing both Japan’s domestic strengths as an environmental leader and also the emerging needs for green market development in other East Asian countries. Responding to a diversity of factors, this brief proposes...
東アジアにおいてグリーン市場への関心が高まる中、本ポリシー・ブリーフは環境問題における日本のリーダーシップに焦点を当てながら、グリーン市場を推進・強化するためのさらなる日本の政策について検討を行い、グリーン市場の普及を目指す国際的な環境イニシアティブと日本企業との連携を促す「企業の社会的責任(CSR)に関するマルチステークホルダー・プラットフォーム」の構築を提案しています。Remarks:English version: